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  • Custom Design- Brand matching design
  • Unique ‘Join’ Enrollment process
  • Members only portal

Catalyst Buying Group is an online buying club, focused on delivering tremendous savings to it members. For a minimal fee this business delivers a large return in savings to its membership.

Edigita designed, planned, and programmed the entire system
The custom design is brand focused, but also extremely dialed into creating easy to understand group value with messaging that is clear, concise and on-target.
edigita programming a custom 1-2-3 Join process, complete and including an e-commerce payment system. The custom ‘Join’ enrollment system include a simple 1-2-3 step guidance approach, along with a online payment system.
For a ‘back end’ edigita employed its ‘Online Office’ system for Catalyst to daily manage its business. By custom creating modules with features such as managing the membership database, payment information, and track of member web activity; edigita enabled Catalyst staff to fully manage their membership data.

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